Easy Sculpted Paper Birthday Flowers

I’m back with more flowers! This time with some pretty little sculpted paper flowers on an A2 sized birthday card. I used lighter weight card stock for the flowers and even utilized an old egg dish for the organizational part of the project. πŸ€“ If you’ve never tried manipulating paper to give it a 3D affect, this is a great place to start. It goes super fast and you don’t need to worry about being fancy… the flowers do all the heavy lifting here. 🌸

You can watch the video by clicking the button and I have included a complete supply list below. πŸ₯°

Thanks, so much, for spending time with me while I craft! If you’d like to further support my addicti…. (cough) I mean hobby, please be sure and use the affiliate links provided to purchase. This way I receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you, that then helps me buy more goodies and make more projects to share with you. Thanks, in advance, for your kind support. 😘

Highlighted Supplies for this Project

My Favorite Tools & Supplies

If you visit a store and what you want is out of stock, be sure and ask to be notified by email when the item is back in stock. It’s usually quite quick and always worth the wait. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for hanging out with me!

Remember, if mailing a card with layers and embellishments in the United States, be sure and buy “non-machinable” postage, (about $0.78 in the US and $1.30 from US to International addresses) so your cards don’t get smooshed in the USPS postal machines. Hand deliver to the USPS and tell them to “hand cancel” or be sure and write “non-machinable” on the front of the envelope if you’re leaving it in your mailbox for pick up.

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Hugs, Michelle ❀️

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