Woodland Cuties

I’m back with more cutie patootie little critters from the My Favorite Things set called “Better Together”. I used the card kit inspiration sheet for my… well, my inspiration! This one is easy and fun to put together. Enjoy!

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Thanks for watching!

Remember, if mailing a card with layers and embellishments in the United States, be sure and buy “non-machinable” postage so your cards don’t get smooshed in the USPS postal machines.

If you try this technique, be sure and share your artwork with us on the @ladymichellecreates Facebook page.

Thanks for spending time with me!

Blessings & Hugs,

2 thoughts on “Woodland Cuties

  1. just a side questions – on the mixed media liquid glue that you have the little metal tip on – what do you use for a lid or cap so it doesn’t dry out??


    1. I actually have little container of water that I throw them in at the end of the day and put the original cap back on. They are way too hard to keep clean if you leave them on, even with a pin. Plus, the pin gets rusty and makes the glue icky. This method works good for me. 😃 Thanks for asking!


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