Simple, Autumn Themed, Square Card Project

I. Love. Fall. Cooler temperatures, less humidity (I live in Michigan so there’s lots of humid air in the summer), and of course, the fall colors. My favorite color is orange, specifically that beautiful rusty, sunset orange that is so prominent in the autumn season. Yummy!

I’ve had these dies since last fall and am just now getting around to playing with them. I love it when tools do most of the work, and these dies do just that. They’re beautiful all on their own… I just added a little color. I hope you enjoy the video and are inspired to creating your own little pieces of art.

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NOTE: I’m trying a new format with this blog. Just a short explanation and the list of supplies, with links, that I’ve used. Let me know in the comments if you miss the step by step instruction and process photos or, if this will work just fine for you. Thanks! 😊


Note: I am currently not affiliated with any company. I’ve made links available to the companies I shop from. Feel free to shop around.

Thanks for watching!

Mail your cards ASAP so others can benefit from the beauty and joy! Remember, if mailing a card with layers and embellishments in the US, be sure and buy “non-machinable” postage so your cards don’t get smooshed in the USPS postal machines.

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Thanks for spending time with me!

Blessings & Hugs,

2 thoughts on “Simple, Autumn Themed, Square Card Project

  1. Thanks Lady Michelle. I appreciate the list of supplies and can always use details about the colors of the products. This is helpful to me as a newbie paper crafter. I’m learning more about colors and you are helping me.


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